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Humanity Rebuilt: Story

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1 Humanity Rebuilt: Story on Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:56 pm

So if for whatever reason you have yet to play this game; first of all, Do it, I cannot recommend it enough, and secondly, This is the topic to read to get you caught up. I assure you, there are NO SPOILERS here. This synopsis is basically comprised of what you can find in trailers and the first few minutes of the game.


Two years ago, Two alien races decided to fight right next to Earth's atmosphere. the collateral of the fight was causing some major damage to our planet. In response, the year 2054's version of the United Nations launched the Exodus Project, Releasing Giant evacuation ships from every Major City in the world. Competition for spots on this ship was very intense, and many families even got separated.

The White Whale was one of these Evac ships, launching from Los Angeles, California, USA. As one of the few ships able to even leave the atmosphere without getting shot down,  The people of what would become New Los Angeles watched the Earth Blow up behind them.

Two years later, one of those fighting Alien races caught up to the White Whale, and began to attack. The following fight caused the ship to fall, crashing into a nearby planet, later dubbed Mira. The habitat unit, which contained NLA, was top priority in a safe landing, but this caused the other pieces of the massive ship to scatter all throughout this new world. It is now the goal of the Humans to survive this new world, along with the help of their new Xenoform friends. A team effort to save the future of Humanity.

Important note:

This game takes place AFTER the Story. however, this does NOT mean you can spoil things for people who haven't played the game. Since the game is newer, there will be a strict rule on spoilers for a while, so hang tight.

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