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Severa, The Cold Mechanic

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1 Severa, The Cold Mechanic on Thu Dec 24, 2015 2:04 pm

NLA Citizen Registration Form

Basic Information
Name: Severa McNamara
Gender: Female
Birthday: Oct. 14
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Around 125 lbs
Overall Appearance: Sevy has silver short hair would be longer if it wasn't for the fact that she thinkers with Skells and other machines so much that she fears her hair would get stuck somewhere. The purple locks in her hair are only to match with her eyes that are from a similar color. Also, her eyes have the particular trait of having a white iris. Is it the wait she actually looks or some error in her mimeosome, no one knows since she refuse to tell. She has a small scar on the left side of her face that she hides with her fringe being longer on this side. She also have small hexagonal tattoos right below her eyes, simply looking fashionable.
Face Claim: Original character, Xenoblade Chronicle X

DEF: 4
CON: 2
Attribute: Physical

All that is machinery, especially Skells
Sweets and desserts of all kind
Cute looking things, including Nopons
Being left alone

Most people
People who warms too quickly to her
Insects of all kind
When people notices her liking to cute things
People tweaking or messing with her things

Talents: Mechanic, Finding uses for junks
Hopeless in: Cooking, Saving money

Overall Personality:
In general, Sevy is rather antisocial, avoiding as much as possible to interact with others. It's not that she is shy, she simply dislike most people's company. When she ultimately need to interact with people, she won't think twice when talking, often speaking her mind directly seemingly without care for others. She won't tell sweet lies to no one either as honesty is her policy. Who ever makes a compliment to her, if there's any to be made, she'll brush it of thinking of the ulterior motives that could be behind such kindness. It won't stop her from blushing though. Even if she's cold, that doesn't mean that she hates everyone either. Just respect her and her work and you shouldn't end on her blacklist. In battle, Sevy is all "Kill or be killed", she'll strike her foes as fast as she can in order to take them down quickly. The sooner the better. Although this applies for most case, Sevy tends to act a little differently with each races she has met so, either in NLA or in battle.

Nopon: Sevy is in adoration with the Nopons. Surprised? Well, who could resist this bunch of little cute puff ball? She will often get distracted by any and all Nopons walking near her, often causing her to bump into someone or even walls. She doesn't really like the fact that most of them are all about money, but she can overlook that... pretty easily. If for any reason a Nopon is fighting alongside her, she'll try to protect them fearing they can't really fight because of their small size.

Ma-non: Sevy despises the Ma-nons, more by jealousy and pride than by hatred. Their advanced technology makes her work look meaningless and wasteful. Even though they are useful and often right about it, the fact that the Ma-nons flaunt their superiority in the domain of technology infuriates her. Their irrational love for pizza is also bugging her. Like the Nopons, she thinks that Ma-nons can't fight, thus forcing her to do what she can to help them in fights.

Orphe: While the Orpheans and Sevy share a straightforward thinking, she can't stand them, simply because of how they look. It looks like a xenophobic attitude, but it's nothing really personal, they just look like insects to her and she can't stand them. She respect them, but can't look directly at them in any situation. Knowing how they can duplicate to survive, she doesn't really care if any of them are close to die, she just fear that they'll overrun NLA by their number, which is her reason to help them in dire situations.

Prone: Shouldn't go without saying that Sevy hates the Prones and all other Ganglion allies as well. Although, with NLA offering asylum to Prones from both the Tree and Cavern Clan thus having them as allies is not enough for her to trust them. The saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not enough for Sevy. She'll often refuse to talk to them even if they need her services, turning them down right away, whatever the pay, whatever the repair or modification. She would be tempted to leave any of them to die if needed if it wasn't for the fact that she's a BLADE.

Wrothian: Probably the race she respects the most because of their noble behavior, Sevy still has some difficulty to trust them totally. Sure they are a race of noble fighters, but they claim to be mercenaries, thus causing in Sevy the slight fear they could align with simply anyone that would pay them enough. Since they seem fair in battle, she doesn't especially fear to be betrayed in a fight, but she tends to keep an eye out just in case.

Definian: Like the Prones, being mostly allied with the Ganglion, Sevy has a real hard time trusting any of them, even with NLA offering asylum as well. Her distrust might be even worse towards Definians because of the fact that they can shapeshift, causing her to sometime paranoid when she notice a slight change in someone's behavior, even though it could be a totally normal temporary change, like being more happy than usual because of something, but that's simply because she can't pick up on other people. She'll avoid fighting alongside any of them, fearing that she could get backstabed and her whole identity stolen.

NLA Life
Division: Reclaimer
Class: Drifter

History and Sample

Earth Arc

Severa was the first child of a couple of scientists and mechanics. Mikael and Debra McNamara, her parents, worked on the Earth Colonization Project from nearly its beginning as important researchers. Leaving Earth in search for other planets and lifeforms were their dream. They wanted to build a future for Severa and her little brother Jaime in which they could life alongside other lifeforms from outer space. Although, with the appending doom that was coming for Earth with the war that was fought in the atmosphere between the two unknown alien races at the time, the ECP was rushed and not all the preparations were completed. With the lack of spaceships, thus the lack of space for everyone on board, Severa's parents decided to give their spots to their children and stayed behind on Earth. Their dream was a future for Severa and Jaime, not them.

White Whale Arc

With the never ending feeling that her parents made a mistake by not coming aboard the White Whale, Severa took upon herself to help as much as she could on the spaceship. With the background of her parents and the fact that she learned a lot from them, she was eligible as a crew member, but not her brother. She decided to help around in anything mechanic related. She never was the best, but she was good for her age. She did was one of the youngest mechanic on the While Whale, but having heard that the youngest was one of the best made her work harder each day. She quickly grew accustomed to working with mims and Skells, the later being her favorite to work on and quickly wished to have her own one day to become a great pilot.

The day that one of the alien race caught up with the White Whale before grounding it upon Mira was one that happened too fast. Severa has forgotten all about the event, only knowing it happened. She only remembered that she was repairing some power condensator when everything happened.

Mira Arc

Severa was quickly rescued from her pod when it landed, being in the first hundred to being brought to NLA and started to work on rebuilding. Helping in the city was okay, but Severa wanted to do more, her brother was still in the Lifehold and she wouldn't feel better until she found him. She signed up in the rank of BLADE as soon as she could, joining the Reclaimers in their effort to locate the Lifehold. She spent most of her time either on the field locating wreckage from the White Whale or in NLA working as a mechanic, not really going on missions where a lot of indigens would be involved, leaving her with near no combat experience.

Lifehold Core Arc

Being a Reclaimer, Sevy joined the small team that went to the Core after the final battle against Luxaar to retrieve it. Unfortunately, as they all discovered, the whole Core was smashed when it crashed on Mira, leaving nothing working. Although it raised many questions about how it was possible for anybody to be alive if the core was destroyed, Sevy was more affected by the fact that it meant that she'd never see her little brother ever again. This thought broke her, making her close herself from anyone and becoming antisocial as she didn't want to see anyone but her brother, which was now impossible.

Post Lifehold Core

Now, Severa is still working as a BLADE, but only because she believes that neither her parents or her brother would want her to stop and simply do nothing about her life. She keeps looking for more wreckage of the White Whale, but now also works along other Divisions for a better future for NLA.

RP Sample:
By this clear afternoon, Sevy was sitting alone in front of the cafe run Coco, having a nice sweet cappuccino while looking at a new alloyed composition made by the Outfitters on her comm device. She didn't have much to do today, she thought about maybe going on a mission later but she wasn't totally sure about it. She wasn't the type to go on missions with other people and not a lot of easy missions were on as of late. Taking down Tyrants, recovering data in dangerous zones... The only easy thing were Gathering Missions, which weren't very lucrative or even fun to do. As Sevy was debating to take one or not anyway, a small group of Nopons walked by the café. She couldn't help but stare at them with big googly eyes ignoring everything around her. "So... cute... must... resist..." The Nopons continued their way, not paying attention to Sevy before they left her field of vision. She then whine silently before hiding her face behind her cup and whispering to herself. "Why do they have to look so plushy..."

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2 Re: Severa, The Cold Mechanic on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:19 am

Please refrain from using game spoilers for things in the future. Though in the same universe, this RP exists seperately from the game and game plot stuff should never have to come up.

Otherwise approved

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