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Lilana The Nopon

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1 Lilana The Nopon on Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:54 pm

NLA Citizen Registration Form

Basic Information
Name: Lilana
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 7
Age: 20
Race: Nopon
Height: 2 ft
Weight: 98 lbs
Overall Appearance: Lilana is a very cute and fluffy Nopon. Her eyes are very big and they glisten when she gets excited about something, or when she's talking about herself. She has Pink fur that she keeps very shiny and well groomed.Must uphold status, after all. On her head she has an extra tuft of fur, as well as two beautiful flowers that she wears often as accessories. She is very much a girly girl, and will most likely be seen wearing some kind of dress, even though clothing is not very necessary for Nopon. Of course, It makes her look adorable, so why not?
Face Claim: Pepa, Xenoblade Chronicles

DEF: 2
CON: 2
Attribute: Ether

Likes: Money, Herself, The Nightglow Woods (Noctilum)
Dislikes: The Human City, Bug Monsters, Smelly Poor people, People who call themselves Heropons.
Talents: Lying
Hopeless in: Speed Races
Overall Personality: Lilana is the type of nopon to put herself in high regards, trying to spin her random life events so that the world revolves around her and her alone. She was born Surrounded by successful Merchants, and her initial demeanor definitely shows it. However, underneath her massive superiority complex and great dislike for humans, Lilana actually loves to help others. If anything, she feels as though the great people of New Los Angeles and beyond would fall to shambles of she DIDN'T help them out with whatever they needed, however reliable that help may actually be. She is nice enough if you can get past her Ego, but nasty if you can't.
NLA Life
Division: Curator
Class: Drifter
If Not BLADE, Please explain what you do for the people of NLA: N/A

History and Sample
Within the Dorian Caravan out in Oblivia, Lilana had a pretty cushy experience growing up. Sure, the odd monster roamed around and sand storms happened, but those were all things one had to get used to. Otherwise, Lilana lived the life of what was almost a princess. She was born into a family of successful merchants, the only child ever to be born into that Nopon household. With no siblings to share the attention with, Lilana was her parents number one child, and everything revolved around her. While they were not the most wealthy of Nopon, they definitely had enough to make a luxurious Life. However, every story needs conflict.

It happened so quickly. It seemed like Lilana had just said goodbye, and she did not know it would be for the final time. Her Mamapon and Dadapon had Planned to go to Noctilum to make a distribution deal with The Dongo Caravan, that at the time had been looking for a place to settle. They had done such many times in the past. Lilana herself would go with them sometimes to the other caravans, but this time she was responsible for looking after the merchandise. That was when it happened. That was when the Humans came. An employee was able to make it back to Oblivia, but he did not have good news to share.

In addition to random human debris falling all over the place, An entire human city had crashed into the planet from who knows where. Lilana's parents and the surviving Employee had been there at the site. The employee had seen it coming and without warning ran into a nearby cave, avoiding the worst of the wave made from the impact. The Merchants themselves were not so fortunate. Lilana was in a state of shock before going on an angry rampage. She blamed everyone, especially the Humans that killed her Parents and the now fired employee that didn't save them.

Lilana did her best to keep her Family's shop afloat, but no matter what, could not do it. She had heard of Various Nopon making it big in the Human City, but she did not want to resort to that. Of course, that was where the market was, not the Nopon ways of the past. Now she was Lonely and Poor. If she wanted to keep her pride, she was going to have to swallow it and Move to the Human city of New Los Angeles for a while. Using her vast knowledge of mostly Oblivia and Noctilum, She joined Blade as a Curator to make a quick buck. Of course, she still hated what the humans did, but she needed to make a living somehow. However petty, as Lilana is not the villainous type, she planned to take the human's money while imparting false knowledge, in hopes that she can restart her Family's company again.
RP Sample:
"Out of the way of Lilana!" The small Nopon shouted as she scurried through the Residential district. She needed to get to the transport ship before it left for the Administrative district. Unfortunately, her small stature and stubby little legs made it quite difficult to move at any kind of decent speed. "Friends won't make Lilana late!" She reached the area where the ship always parked, only to watch it lift off. "Grah! How dare friends leave without Lilana!" Now she would have to take the elevator, which meant getting there, which meant more walking. Sure, she was used to the travelling Dorian Caravan, but at least she was familiar with the hot sands of what the Humans called Oblivia. This human city was still somewhat new to her, and a transport ship to take her right where she needed to go would have been helpful. "Lilana will give terrible reviews!" She shouted at the leaving ship.

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