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Character Rules

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1 Character Rules on Mon Dec 14, 2015 12:31 am


Human: People from Earth who have Crash landed on Mira. I am fairly certain that if you are here reading his, you are probably human and know what they are.

Nopon: A native Miran race. They may look small, cute, and cuddly, but these little guys can pack a punch after the right training. They generally live in travelling caravans throughout the world, but many have become accustomed to City life in New Los Angeles. A vast majority speak in 3rd person broken English, and most of them are pretty crazy about Money. They become of age when they turn 13.

Ma-non: These interesting Xenos are not native to Mira, but like the humans, they do not have the power to make it out of the planet and back home. The Ma-non are very short in average, and speak with a very high pitched chipmunk voice. They also tend to make everything they say a question, yes? Gotta end everything with a question mark, you know? Right? They're technology is far more advanced than humans, but the one thing they could have never thought of, and something they consider a high Human art, is the Pizza.


  • It's probably going to be pretty difficult to find a face claim for Nopon and especially Ma-non. If you have the game, just take a picture of one of them, or if not, find one online (Not Tatsu, not Riki). For unnamed Face claims of those two races, we WILL be accepting repeats.

  • Those of you who own the game may have noticed some races missing. For now, any race aligned with Samaar will not be available, though this may change in the future. Also, We are ~for now~ focusing on the first three main races you encounter in game.

  • Its is Highly advised that you play as a human if you have not played Xenoblade Chronicles X. If you have played the original Xenoblade Chronicles, Nopon behave about the same here, So feel free.

  • If there are any questions regarding the behavior, Naming conventions, or Face Claim  of Any race, feel free to ask staff.

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2 Classes on Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:48 am



Your class determines the weapons and the types of arts that are available to you. Know that this only applies to members of BLADE. All BLADE officers start off with The drifter class, Learning to use a standard assault rifle and a simple knife. As Time goes on you earn Class points. This happens simply by posting. When you hit the 10th Rank of the Drifter Class, You are able to choose from three secondary classes, Reach rank 10 of that and you move on to Tertiary clases, and then a final version of that Tert class.

Class Tree:

  • Drifter: Proficient with Assault Rifles and Knives. This is the first class taken by all who enter BLADE. The starting point from which possibility is born... or something like that.

    • Striker: Proficient with Assault Rifles and Longswords. Trading in that Knife for something a bit bigger, The Striker Class offers up a balanced mix of Offense and Defense.

      • Samurai Gunner: Proficient with Assault Rifles and Long Swords. This class is for the Strikers who wish to Master the weapons they already have.

        • Duelist: Final form of the Samurai Gunner

      • Shield Trooper: Proficient with Gatling Guns and Shields. These Strikers bring out the big guns, literally.

        • Bastion Warrior: Final form of the Shield Trooper

    • Commando: Proficient in Dual Guns and Dual swords. This Class Path is for the people who believe that offense is the best defense, doubling the weapons already available to them.

      • Winged Viper: Proficient in Dual Guns and Dual Swords. For the Commandos who want to master the weapons they already have.

        • Full Metal Jaguar: Final form of Winged Viper.

      • Partisan Eagle: Proficient in Sniper Rifles and Javelins. Members of this Class prefer a longer range, where they can really shine.

        • Astral Crusader: Final form of Partisan Eagle

    • Enforcer: Proficient with Rayguns and Knives. The Enforcer class tends to focus on debuffs and/or support, using slower weapons compared to other classes.

      • Psycorrupter: Proficient with Rayguns and Knives. This class is for the Enforcers who want to master the weapons they already have.

        • Mastermind: Final form of Psycorrupters.

      • Blast Fencer: Proficient with Psycho Launchers and Photon Sabers. By far the most technologically advanced class, what with their dual telekinetic guns and lightsabers.

        • Galactic Knight: Final form of Blast Fencers.


  • Must Be in BLADE to have a class, and Drifter always comes first.
  • When you get to the Third Class in your particular path (Purple), It is possible to have a different weapon than your class would normally have. These are called + classes. these + classes are based on the MELEE WEAPON. For example, Wanting a Gatling Gun and a Photon saber would make you Blast Fencer+. Therefore, be sure to follow the path of the Melee weapon you want.
  • It is possible to switch classes, but you need to start over from drifter. This is different from the actual game where you could switch at will, but this is to avoid class hopping.

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3 BLADE on Thu Dec 17, 2015 9:34 am

Builders of the Legacy After the Destruction of Earth

BLADE is the driving force behind humanity's survival, and its numbers take up the vast majority of  NLA's Population. Its eight divisions work together to make survival on Mira possible.

BLADE is largely for RP purposes here, but there is a benefit to joining up. As you RP and complete jobs that relate to your chosen division, It is possible to have your BLADE level increase. This is done by staff every month as we look at who has been active within their divisions. It is basically our way to reward activity. There are 10 BLADE Levels, with Lv. 10 being the most prestigious honor for any BLADE member. The higher the level, the more access you have to cooler stuff and better missions.


  • Pathfinders: The Pathfinders are the ones who hold the responsibility of mapping out Mira. They find new places and Discover Points of interest to call Landmarks.
  • Interceptors: Interceptors are in charge of protecting New Los Angeles from Indigens that get too close to the walls. They are the front lines in NLA's Defense Force.
  • Harriers: Where Interceptors are Defense, Harriers are NLA's Offense. Their job is to go out and find Dangerous Tyrants and enemy strongholds, and attack when deployed.
  • Outfitters: Outfitters test out new weapons and gear, in order to refine them and later supply them to other BLADEs. Outfitters tend to work very closely with different NLA Arms Manufacturers. Though they tend to keep their work withing NLA's walls, It is not unlike them to sometimes send another BLADE out for a field test, or perform such a field test themselves.
  • Reclaimers: The Reclaimers are responsible for finding the pieces of the White Whale, scattered all throughout Mira after the ship's crash. They also grab anything lost or left after a battle, such as broken Skells. If it originated from Earth, it's the Reclaimer's job to retrieve it.
  • Curators: Curators are the ones discovering new Knowledge about the Crazy planet they've landed on. Learning more about Mira's Flora and Fauna, Discovering ancient ruins and lore, it all falls under the Curator Blanket.
  • Prospectors: Prospectors gather raw materials and resources as needed for the sustainability of New LA. They Mine the Miranium ore and Harvest the fruit and veg to bring back to the city.
  • Mediators: Mediators are like the City's Police force. They solve Civilian problems and crimes between people, as opposed to vicious monsters. It is advised that if you ever have an issue, you talk to a mediator first.

Division Leaders

Placeholder NPC accounts for now, but over time and as the site grows, Division leaders will be appointed by staff. These are to be the people going above and beyond for their division, and someone who can stand up to the plate and lead their corner of BLADE. After the Initial Player leaders have been chosen by staff, any subsequent leaders will be elected by members of their division.


  • BLADE is completely voluntary. Though most NLA residents are part of this organization, There are still other civilians that take on other jobs to support the sustenance of New LA.
  • As a race, Ma-non are pacifists. Therefore, they would most likely not join one of the combating BLADE divisions, and would instead be found in divisions such as Outfitters or Mediators. Not to say we will not allow a Ma-non Interceptor, but we would need a GOOD reason for it, and we do not intend to approve too many of those.
  • You are free to Switch divisions, but like the game, it will cost a fee. Unlike the game, we also require that you speak to the Division leaders of both the division you are leaving and the one you are joining.

Non-BLADE Residents

If you are NOT initially joining BLADE (whether that be a permanent choice or a "I want to role play my way into it" type of situation), We do ask that you specify what you do for a living. Are you running a restaurant in the commercial district to provide food for the Hungry people of NLA? Are you a designer for one of the many Arms Manufacturers of the city? Are you just a deadbeat with no motivation or direction in your life? It can be anything, but we do want to know what it is. Not being part of BLADE is, again, mostly an RP choice, But Staff does look at who is most prominent in the community, and may award those people with the same kind of glory that Higher Leveled BLADEs get, though hrder to achieve as there is only one such award for normal citizens (compare it to a Nobel prize).

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4 Re: Character Rules on Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:44 pm


These are the elements, or attributes, With which all attacks are made. Each character gets a free resistance to one of these. For each point of resistance, 50 damage gets knocked off of attacks with that Attribute. (No lower than 5)
The list of Attributes are as Follows:

  • Physical
  • Beam- Concentration of Light
  • Ether- Concentration of the Planet's energy
  • Thermal- Heat and Fire
  • Electric
  • Gravity

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